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Products & Services

WRS services will start with the execution of an initial aerial survey of the client’s property, producing a detailed, formal report delivered to the landowner and ranch management. This report will include a business plan tailored specifically to meet the landowner’s financial goals. The report will also outline livestock unit carrying capacity, feed recommendations, soil survey, specific guidance on the ideal breeds of exotics, ranch infrastructure needs, animal health and wellness and depredation; to name a few. A WRS Sales Representative or Manager will follow up with the ranch owner to determine what services they would like to purchase. Monthly visits from our game ranch professionals are strongly encouraged to monitor overall ranch wellness and educate ranch staff on the critical details of maintaining a healthy breeding operation.

In addition to the report described above, products and services to be provided to client operations include, but are not limited to, constructing and installing custom metal or masonry animal shelters, hay feeders, protein feeders, water lines, land clearing, barns of any kind, and catch pens. WRS has established key partnerships and agreements with feed companies and other suppliers of critical ranch equipment to quickly enable the implementation of our recommended solutions.


  • Aerial Surveys
  • Soil Surveys
  • Detailed Reports & Recommendations
  • Business Plans

Site Prep

  • Land Clearing
  • Custom Animal Shelter Construction
  • Hay & Protein Feeders
  • Water Lines
  • Catch Pens

Custom Animal Shelters

  • Custom Animal Shelters


  • Monthly Ranch Wellness Checks
  • Ranch Staff Education
  • Offspring Purchases through WildLife Partners