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Tax Strategy

37.5% Tax Savings

Private ranches that do not maintain income-generating capabilities are classified as hobbies by the IRS. Therefore, any expenses incurred are non-deductible. Consequently, all improvements such as fencing, roads, water features, feed, staff, etc., must be paid for with after-tax dollars. WRS solves this problem.

The IRS has established that the creation of a well-defined business plan is a defense against hobby classification. WRS provides services that include:

  • aerial survey
  • soil composition/water analysis
  • formulation of customized stocking plans that demonstrate profit motive through the utilization of breeding exotic wildlife

This business plan will serve as your supporting documentation that your private ranch is in fact a wildlife breeding facility. Upon execution of the business plan, all new infrastructure projects, feed, employees, business equipment and animals will be tax deductible against any active business income. This could result in a 37.5% tax savings on every dollar invested into your ranch.

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