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Our Vision

We currently see no ranch infrastructure support available to exotic animal breeders – unlike support available for more common domestic livestock operations (e.g., goats and cattle.) We fill this void and look forward to providing smart solutions for your sustainable and profitable breeding ranch.

Our valuable teaming partner, WildLife Partners LLC (WLP), has revolutionized the exotic game breeding industry. WLP is the industry leader in the breeding of rare and endangered species. WLP facilitates and supports private, long-term investment and profit-focused breeding operations in the United States.

In conjunction with WildLife Partners, WRS will provide surveys culminating in a business plan and exotic wildlife support based on industry leading expertise and years of cumulative experience in maximizing profitability in the exotic wildlife breeding business.  The improvements we will offer are not only ideas, but actionable items and changes we execute and continue to monitor. These changes and ranch improvements will result in ranches being more profitable and exotic wildlife herds being healthier.

The ideal customer for WRS services is a conservation-minded ranch owner that has an interest in helping keep their exotic wildlife population healthy, while generating income for the ranch. If a ranch owner currently has no exotic wildlife on their property, WLP and WRS can expose and educate owners to the financial benefits of exotic breeding. We will facilitate a business plan, ranch infrastructure and delivery of the ideal animals for each specific property.

Service Area

The operational area for WRS is the entire United States. WRS Managers realize that in the modern business world, time is money. We work with landowners to ensure that their time is well spent, focusing on the financial goals of the ranch and the overall health and well-being of their animal population.