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Management Support for Breeders of Exotic Wildlife

Management Support for Breeders of Exotic Wildlife

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WildLife Ranch Solutions (WRS), is a unique, full service, management support company for breeders of exotic wildlife. WRS provides turn-key ranch services that include developing business plans, infrastructure design, and implementation. We offer initial and ongoing support to ensure maximum profitability through income generation and tax strategies. Our mission is to ensure your success while efficiently managing rare and endangered species for future generations.

WRS provides services that are tailored to meet the goals of exotic wildlife breeders. Our initial planning assists landowner with creating documentation to meet IRS for profit rules and to avoid a hobby classification.

WildLife Ranch Solutions customers are conservation-minded landowners with a capitalistic motive that have an interest in keeping their exotic wildlife population healthy, happy, and generating income for the ranch. If a ranch owner currently has no exotic wildlife on their property, WRS can expose and educate landowners to the enjoyment and financial benefits of breeding exotic wildlife.

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WildLife Partners

Our valuable teaming partner, WildLife Partners LLC (WLP), has revolutionized the exotic game breeding industry. WLP is the industry leader in the breeding of rare and endangered species. WLP facilitates and supports private, long-term investment and profit-focused breeding operations in the United States.

WildLife Partners

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